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Our firm’s principal, Patrick Smith, is the author of ‘It’s the Law’, a regular column in the Weekly Advertiser. Below you will find links to some of these columns.

‘It’s The Law’ – New name, new role, same team

I am excited to announce that on 1 October 2019 O’Brien Lawyers will change name to ‘O’Brien & Smith Lawyers’ to reflect my new role as principal of the firm. Whilst ownership of the firm will change on this day the team behind the firm will not. Denis O’Brien, Lauren Emblem and I will continue to be the solicitors of the firm and we will still be supported by Lee Elliott, Jasmine Kerr, Jenny Haebich, Jo Sherry and Imogen Chesterfield. This article provides greater background on the firm and on me personally.

O’Brien Lawyers has a long and intricate history dating back to 1907 when Reginald Wilmoth (a later mayor of Horsham) and Tyson Asbridge Pearson established legal offices in Firebrace Street, Horsham. Mr Wilmoth practised until 1954 when he retired due to ill-health. The practice passed hands and locations several times up until Denis O’Brien purchased the firm in 1975.

Since 1975 Denis O’Brien has operated the firm, as sole principal or partner, at the firm’s current location at 64 McLachlan Street, Horsham. Many of Denis’ loyal clients will be pleased to hear that Denis will continue to take new appointments. I am similarly grateful that I will be able to continue to seek Denis’ guidance with the operation of the firm when necessary. Denis does not have a definite plan for when he will retire but thinks he will likely stay with the firm for another two years or so.

I have been part of the O’Brien Lawyers team since January 2017 when my wife and I relocated to Horsham.

I was born in Horsham and completed my schooling at 298 Primary school and Horsham College before moving to Adelaide in 2007 to attend university.

My parents are Dr Kate Alessia and David Smith. I have two elder sisters, Katana and Cilicia and a twin-brother, Angus.

At university, I initially obtained degrees in Economics and International Studies. I then worked as a financial adviser for a short period of time before returning to the University of Adelaide to study law.

My wife, Emma, is a hairdresser from Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. We have three children, a 2 year old son and twin 8 month old girls. Emma also is a twin so we shouldn’t have been surprised when we found out we were having twins (but I certainly was).

Emma and I are glad that our children will have a similar upbringing to the one I had in Horsham. I had a great childhood being involved in local sports clubs and enjoying the Wimmera river. The guys I went to school with are still my closest friends and I appreciate being able to regularly catch up with those that live in Horsham. 

Playing football and cricket has been a big part of my life. After returning to Horsham I played reserves football with Noradjuha Quantong. Following a few games early this year I retired I continue to watch sport but have suffered through this AFL season due to the Adelaide Crows’ woeful performance.

I am excited to continue O’Brien Lawyers’ long history. If you have any questions about how the change in the firm’s ownership will affect you, please call the firm’s practice manager, Lee Elliott on 5381 2222.

Patrick referred to Noelene M. Jenkinson’s A Legal History of Horsham 1875 - 1992 in writing this article.


Patrick Smith